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Are governments interested in keeping us 'dumb'?

Educated citizens are difficult to govern - this is a recurrent argument I've encountered while discussing education with various people.

Do you think it's in a democratic government's best interest to keep its citizens ignorant by maintaining largely outmoded school systems and educational policies, a lack of transparency, or the failure to encourage social and political participation? Or would a democratic government prefer to work with an educated, involved citizenry?


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    Mar 26 2013: The problem here is that Educated Citizens does not imply that they would think the same thing. Having all the citizen "well educated" does not necessarily mean that there would be no discussions. Everyone is different,
    As for the "Dumb" factor, i think that there is an advantage in keeping people ignorant, so that you can in some way better control them, as long as those people start to consider governements actions as negative. In that case having a "dumbb" citizenry is not so favourable for governments, bacouse those people would not be reasonable nor willing to discuss peacefully.

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