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How can someone who believes in God, stop believing?

What will it take anyone who believes in any form of God or Gods to
1. consider and/or
2. be convinced without question there is no God or Gods?
What type of evidence? Event? Anything.

I am really interested and I am sure others who do not believe would be just as interested in these answers.


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  • Apr 4 2011: For me I am agnostic bordering on atheist, I was christian, in fact my dad is a minister. My thing is that there are wayyyyyyy to many condridictions within the idea of god for me to beleive in one. I think that the idea of a compasionate god comes from mankinds need to true compassion. But I feel that the only place you need to look for it is in oneself. Why ask an invisble man for it. It might sound mean, I don't want it to, but how can you receive love from others if you don't love yourself and put your full confidence in yourself first. It doesn't matter how much someone tells you if you don't beleive you are worthy of it. And thats the basis of religion your not worthy of eternal happiness unless you do these things. Well I'm here to tell you you are worthy of anything you want you just have to work for it.
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      Apr 24 2011: I love what you're saying here. I think you're spot on and that a lot of religious people have fallen into a trap believing they are bad by their very nature.

      the truth is we live in a fallen world. thats all. but I also think if you kept looking you'd find a religion that teaches the truth about us and God. the truth that lines up very closely to what you already believe.

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