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Xenotransplantation and its ethics

Nowadays there are a lot of sensitive issues surrounding the animals. Whether humans have rights to experiment with animals, whether humans have rights to kill and abuse them for scientific purposes. Xenotransplantation is a way of organ transplant which uses animal organs instead of human organs. Xenotransplantation can potentially save a lot of people if it is developed to a higher extent.
However the issue of human ethics emerge again. In order to develop the skill of xenotransplantation, humans have to test, kill, and use animals. Some people say that humans should not do that since animals are alive too. If we do not develop xenotransplantation, then is it right to let sick people die due to the lack of donated organs?
What do you guys think?


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  • Mar 26 2013: The animal would be bred for a specific purpose. Do you eat meat? Temple Granden has dealt with that in her work.
    • Mar 26 2013: Whether the animal is bred for a specific purpose or not, is it right to kill and take their organs to use for humans? I mean, animals should have emotions like humans right? So if animals can feel sadness, should we really kill them? I eat meat, I am not a vegetarian and not planning on becoming one. I have no problem with eating animals since it is how nature works. Strong eats the weak. However, I think xenotransplantation is a completely different matter apart from meat eating.
      I would like to save humans from dying by using animal organs but sometimes I wonder if that is a right thing to do...
      • Mar 28 2013: If we are to decide whether what's right or wrong by we I mean (the ones investing in xeno) it will always be wrong...

        Mostly people with a lot of money can use xeno for now but if you see how old an animal can be compared to human aging...

        I would say young people who seriously have a desperate wish to live on I think the xenon would be well used... Since they were saved by an animal that had a good live and was full grown... The person who got the xeno will respect life more... And in that case would have learned a most valuable lesson for the future on how to interact and react to certain things.

        Xeno should be available for the most desperate in need persons and not the rich who feel like getting a xeno even if there are donors available for him...

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