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Xenotransplantation and its ethics

Nowadays there are a lot of sensitive issues surrounding the animals. Whether humans have rights to experiment with animals, whether humans have rights to kill and abuse them for scientific purposes. Xenotransplantation is a way of organ transplant which uses animal organs instead of human organs. Xenotransplantation can potentially save a lot of people if it is developed to a higher extent.
However the issue of human ethics emerge again. In order to develop the skill of xenotransplantation, humans have to test, kill, and use animals. Some people say that humans should not do that since animals are alive too. If we do not develop xenotransplantation, then is it right to let sick people die due to the lack of donated organs?
What do you guys think?


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  • Mar 27 2013: Cloning humans or animals is the same thing as using the original creature for using for xenotransplantation.

    Even if a person or animal dies and you clone it it still won't have the same way of thinking of the original one. Physically yes they are the same but mentally? They are not they both grew up in different environments and have an unique way of thinking and so you have a clone which is phiscally the same but still a new lifeform nonetheless.

    So if you'll use clones for it its the same as using an normal animal or human for it and taking a unique life from this world

    So they must be treated in the same way matter what investors say or want about the clone since clones will have the same rights as us humans (human clones of course) and animals should be taken care of and fed
    • Mar 27 2013: There have been several successful cases of cloning of animals and those have been a very sensitive issue between religion people and others. Cloning is in God's area since we are playing with God's creatures. In my opinion, human should be allowed to sacrifice other lives for a bigger life.

      I guess use of embryonic stem cells can be also considered together with this case.

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