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A new model

If somebody has the answers or solutions to these global issues, who should they bring them to? Do I have to go to college to be an educator? To effect change on education?

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    Mar 27 2013: Here is an example of an avenue for changing kids' lives through education in a way that does not require volunteers to have college degrees: http://zenomath.org/the-zeno-story/
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    Gail .

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    Mar 26 2013: First, you have to understand that public education exists to SERVE commerce (money). It does not exist to serve the individual. It is an indoctrination center at its core, and it specializes in those specialties that don't allow students to see a large enough part of the puzzle to figure it out. It even includes provable lies in its indoctrination.

    This being the case, the only way that a peon like you or me will be allowed near a decision maker, is either if you have enough money to buy the right to be heard (and that's ALL that you can buy) or if enough individuals act as role models for their children - demonstrating the love and JOY of learning - and having much of their children's education be home-schooled or in small, private classrooms.

    In America, schools receive money based on the number of seats filled on any given day. If enough people refuse to fill those seats with their children, and money gets scarce enough, when educators realize that they are being boycotted, they might be willing to listen. (Or, they might start working to put such a stigma on your children that their life is made all the more difficult for it.)

    Money rules. It is our culture's god. Shopping malls are that god's temples. Our entire educational system exists to serve that god.

    Help bring down the economy that harms so many. Simplify. Do not buy new when you can buy used, and do not buy used when you can learn how to make something yourself - with borrowed tools rather than bought ones - if necessary. If you do this, you will model that very thing that is missing in today's education, and you will be preparing yourself and your children for the day that the unsustainable economy collapses.
    • Mar 26 2013: Gail
      So very well said,
      Made me think of "be the change you want others to see in the world," and "be the change you want in the world."
  • Mar 26 2013: Whose creativity? I would imagine creativity is one of the last things some of our leaders want.
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    Mar 26 2013: Everyone is in a sense an educator. Many people who have not attended college assist others in learning, both intentionally and without realizing it.