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Can we use the SOLE concept without using a cloud environment? Are computers necessary to create a SOLE?

As an educator I love the concept but would like more flexibility. I just watched Mr. Mitra's talk, and haven't had time to really think through this, but I'd love to know how to create a SOLE without having to rely on computers or a cloud environment. To take it one step further, how do we get the same results in adults Mr. Mitra experienced with children?

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    Gail .

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    Mar 26 2013: I must be missing something in your question. Why would you want that? This being asked, all of learning doesn't have to be in the cloud. Growing a garden is best done outside. But as we are a culture that has lost its connection with the land, and has completely connected with money (a piece of paper with imagined value attached), those schools that have started gardens do so to reduce the cost of school lunches.

    As soon as you take the Internet away, absent an exhaustive library and interactive museums in the school, you put limits on the SOLE and when you do that, you damage the soul (ego) of the children by sending a message of distrust that the children carry with them - often for the rest of their lives. The consequences of that show up in our cultures shortcomings.

    I wonder if you want more flexibility or if you want more power and control over young minds. What flexibility do you want? It would be helpful if you could edit your question to address that.

    As for adults, the Internet has completely changed my life. I have access to information that I never imagined existed. I am passionate about learning and no subject is off-limits. I never learned that in school. In school, I learned to fear learning. In school I learned that I was inadequate. Now I KNOW I'm not. My computer is on all day. When I have a question, I look for an answer on the Internet. (I used to go to my Encyclopedia, but the Internet is more complete and many sites come with relevant forums - making education interactive.

    Word is spreading though. Thanks to the Internet, I'm meeting many others who have the same passion for learning that I have.

    Your question causes me to ask if YOU are using the Internet to its fullest capacity. Are you an educator who is not passionate about learning and only passionate about teaching? If so, look at what you are teaching. Please. If not, then would you explain the parts that you don't address in your question?

  • Mar 26 2013: When I was younger - I always wondered why the education establishment was so uninterested in programmed learning.