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Is there a "breaking point" in the number of animals and land needed?

Is there such a thing as too many animals put in an area to try to revitalize it? How large of an area is needed to keep the animals moving? If you keep a large number of animals in a space, there will eventually be a reversal, causing what we all think we know about livestock and farmland. So what's the correlation between number of animals and amount of land needed so that it is benificial, not detrimental?

Fasinacting research!


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  • Apr 6 2013: Richard is right. There is a system to control the numbers. Too many will indeed be damaging. If you are interested, suggest you look up www.holisticresults.com.au Bruce Ward was Australia's version of Allan Savory, having been coached by Allan. He was an outstanding teacher. Sadly, Bruce passed away last year. His son David has very generously made his notes and video's available on a website as a legacy to his amazing dad..

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