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What is your opinion on the New Teaching Manifesto? Can it be implemented in a school/college?

Education is learning by doing!

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The New Teaching Manifesto a scalable template to quickly implement Multiple Intelligences and Bloom’s Taxonomy in the classroom. It is a framework for improving critical thinking and creativity in schools. It hopes to reform an education system based on textbooks that tell us how things should ideally work but does not let us try it out until the ‘student is ready for it’or for fear of failure or a need for seeking perfection before getting started! The NTM aims to change this by encouraging students to think critically about the challenges we face today by exposing them to real-life, real world challenges for a comprehensive, well-rounded understanding of our world based on multiple perspectives and literally crate and build solutions to check their understanding.

All the education imparted through the NTM can be personalized and contextualized in such a way that the students discover their own self through the activities they do, the things they build, through their interaction with other students, with their parents and family members and the community. All of these enriching experiences based on observation or imitation would be accounted for in their grades and assessment or at least an individual project portfolio to begin with.

Read the full manifesto here-


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    Mar 26 2013: Thanks. Will look into it. This document is a work in progress. Dan Pink and all the rest of the people dealing with motivation et al are being considered.

    I'd be really happy if you could point at least one thing that's good.
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      Mar 26 2013: It would help you if you would reply to the questioner (that opens a box under the comment where you can reply) rather than go to the big open box that does not send me an e-mail telling me that you have replied.

      But to answer your question. I loved the introduction. I was getting excited until I saw the implementation. At that point, my mind filled with awareness of all that you are NOT teaching - which, by the way, is an essential life skill (seeing or hearing what is not being shown or said).

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