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Who is your hero(es). Please, briefly explain why the named person(s) is your hero.

In life, we meet people either in person, reading about them, watching them in TV or Internet and such. Irrespective of how we met this people, they impact our lives in such a great way that we desire to be like them or to learn 1 or 2 things from them. I bet we call this people who have influenced our lives/ or whom we admire so much our heroes.
Please take a minute and list your hero(es) and let the world know and celebrate their heroic action together


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    Mar 30 2013: Thank you for your kind words. Spain will seem veri interesting to you. Hundred of years of History have let a deep trace on this old place. Ah, hahaha, I see, but you couldn't sit just like the cat, because the cat is hanging from the ceiling, on the top of a column, lol... :-)
    I like you've enjoyed this story, it's a real one!
    The other column is very funny, with a few mice in the same position! Hey, Mary, I've uploaded the mice's pic to my profile, so you can see it !

    Best regards.
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      Apr 2 2013: Hey Sean,
      I would definitely love Spain.

      I am just laughing at your comment...I will start gyming and doing some body twist so that I hang from the ceiling....lol....( I will just leave the flexible cat do what it does best and I will just admire the pictures)
      Thanks for been kind enough to upload the mice pic....I am loving it.....

      Love, Mary
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        Apr 2 2013: Hi, Mary. Glad you'll love Spain. I love the States and their people, too. A part of my family went to the US, half past century and there continued their lives. I admire you, as a country and as a people.
        Well, when it is possible, I'll upload the pic of the bell that mice put to the cat, that's the only one you need to watch. :-)
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          Apr 4 2013: Hi Sean,

          Thanks again for replying....I would love Spain...for sure....and yes the Americans are great people....I have made numerous friends.....Have you ever visited US?

          I am in love with both world now...Kenya and US...and because I can't give up any of them...I just love and live with both.....
          Awaiting the upload... (thanks in advance)
          Love, Mary
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        Apr 2 2013: And, oh, I need the phone number of your gym, lol! :-D, :-)
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          Apr 4 2013: Lol.....laughing alot...running around and stretching works great for me.....lol...I imitating my neighbors cat.....Iol...for my mouth muscle exercise....

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