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Who is your hero(es). Please, briefly explain why the named person(s) is your hero.

In life, we meet people either in person, reading about them, watching them in TV or Internet and such. Irrespective of how we met this people, they impact our lives in such a great way that we desire to be like them or to learn 1 or 2 things from them. I bet we call this people who have influenced our lives/ or whom we admire so much our heroes.
Please take a minute and list your hero(es) and let the world know and celebrate their heroic action together


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    Mar 28 2013: Lol Jack,

    I agree with you admiring people who follow their heart to live, to love and to share....(lol...I added to share). I worked for China Xinhua New Agency Nairobi, Kenya...and interacted with some lovely Chinese.....

    Xie Xie....
    Love, Mary

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