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Who is your hero(es). Please, briefly explain why the named person(s) is your hero.

In life, we meet people either in person, reading about them, watching them in TV or Internet and such. Irrespective of how we met this people, they impact our lives in such a great way that we desire to be like them or to learn 1 or 2 things from them. I bet we call this people who have influenced our lives/ or whom we admire so much our heroes.
Please take a minute and list your hero(es) and let the world know and celebrate their heroic action together


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    Mar 27 2013: My hero is not one single person. My hero(es) is (are) and will forever be, anyone and all of them people searching for a better life for mankind. People traying their best for eliminate pain, human misery, poverty, diseases. People forgetting their own problems and sweating hard for solving the problems of people who can't do anything for leaving bad o harmful situations.
    And I think there are a lot of candidates. And, of course, the 'others' heroes are also welcome. Why not?
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      Mar 28 2013: Hey Sean,

      I agree with your view. Yes we have many heroes including ourselves. And yes people who are giving their energies, power and time in search for better life for all are surely heroes.

      Is that a cat on profile pic?
      Love, Mary
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        Mar 29 2013: Hi, Mary. Yes, this is a cat. Do you want to know the complete story? Let's go: That is one of two capitals of columns in a palace of Cantabria (Spain). The two columns are at the sides of a long and complex arch, which seemed very difficult to design and build. Somebody told to the architect that it would be easier that mice put the bell the cat that the architect design and build the wanted arch.
        The architect could design and build the arch (it's before a nice steps), and for memory, one of the capitals it has the cat; the other one has the mice and in the middle is the bell. I have photos of all this matter.
        Nice story, isn't?
        Best wishes.
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          Mar 29 2013: Hi Sean, Lovely story...I am definitely loving the architect work....I wish I was the one sitting like that cat....posing...lol...
          Wonderful story and thanks for taking time to explain.
          I wonna visit Spain.....and see take pictures

          Love, Mary

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