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Police rooted crime prevention websites

So a phone is the primary link to a cop at a desk or dispatcher. And after the fact so just triage. A crime that 98% of the time in the U.S. anyway, is connected to substance abuse is actually preventable by arresting the abuse before the crime occurs.
We in the US have cascading sandy hook like extreme events where we find kernels of origin afterward and a lack of access to a social response network as significant. You tubes "I am adam lanzas mother" http://gawker.com/5968818
Can we afford not to have a template with prevention links and frequently asked questions for suggestions and maybe even an investigation portal.
I realize the inferred slippery slope many with fears of rights violations may have but can we afford to ignore the statistical reality police themselves tell us about prevention. It seems with help from a constitutional law specialist a format sensitive to rights yet effective toward wrongs could be deployed nationwide. Can it be that fleshing out national conversations based on resulting aspects from such a template we might face the 800 lb gorilla in the living room?


Closing Statement from Philip Cogswell

Clearly interest in prevention is less than sensible to many people. It surprises me and saddens me that cause and effect does not warrant reasonable response so utilizing the www as a tool.
Understanding mental illness and allowing rapid education quicker treatment will thwart crime and anti social attitudes from continuing to saturate society. Nowhere does there exist a better place for this utilization than an information portal. We are at the behest of market forces selling base response as solutions which most studies determine as detrimental. At least let us offer what we can in contrasting illness with resources for health.

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  • Mar 25 2013: Hi Gail, thank you and for the link too.. And yes sure I read in a criminal college study about such stats in the abstract only.
    Agreed fully, we value pursuit of money, it's subliminal security and the stuff we are spoon fed as an answer to all our ills. The market has overwhelmed our collective culture drowning out civil sensibility while doping us with a patchwork of non remedy remedies.
    The ugly american is a product of that social glue, he is unhappy unfulfilled and all in all confused as to what to think. A happiness scale will ask probing questions and so identify what is important. Typical institution mission statements all seem to indicate a higher callings toward the betterment of society but their bottom line trumps their mission.
    Consumers are consuming everything voraciously, the manufacturers of cheap food cheap drugs and cheap entertainment find ways to capitalize on the errant outcome of this feeding. Political avenues anticipated and imposed with work a rounds ultimately fail to protect us and we are saddled with what we have now.
    As a way to enlighten those who are at the last door on the left albeit by no actual fault of their own, a portal where a gathering of resources ought to be available. In that we cannot expect any magic elves to save us it inevitably falls on the masses. This idea I feel with careful construct will work to enlighten people to their own capacities and break their cycle of manipulation by fear based monetary adhesion.

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