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What have you taken for granted in your daily life and can benefit from re-examining it to make life more purposeful, beautiful, meaningful?

Life can become very mundane when repetitivity occurs.

There was a time when you may have tried extremely hard to get to the place you are today. It may have been a great moment when you achieved an end goal, though time takes its toll and things in your life may begin to feel complacent.

Complacency is defined by merriam-webster.com as "an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction." or "self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies".

Have you ever asked yourself "what more can life offer than what I already have"?

I believe the answer to such a question can begin from within.

List at least one aspect of your life you benefited from re-examining.

Try to write a comment unlike the previous comments, with a different perspective of life, but any comment is much appreciated.

I'll share first; I have taken for granted my existence in this vast universe and I haven't always treated my body with the respect that it deserves. I now see life in a brand new perspective that the simple things can actually be the most magical and complicated, like the function of human sight, though I am still human and flawed, but like everyone, I continue to learn, adapt, and love.


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    Mar 25 2013: Hello again Derek,
    I don't feel like I've taken things for granted in my life, and I believe that to be part of the underlying foundation of my contentment. Life can become very mundane.....IF.....we allow that to happen. Each moment of the life experience has never happened before, and will never happen again, so it is always new for me. I like exploring life with the unconditional love and curiosity of a child.

    As you wrote in your indroduction, complacency is an instance of unawareness. We have a choice to be aware, or unaware in each moment....why would we NOT choose awareness, which may prevent complacency? You are absolutely right.....the answers come from within.

    That being said, I am often re-examining aspects of my life, because as I grow and learn, I often perceive things from different perspectives, and on deeper levels.

    I speak about a near fatal injury often, because there were HUGE lessons with that event. Although I previously didn't take my experience as a human for granted, after the experience, I appreciated some simple things, like the ability to walk, talk, see, hear, etc. with new gratitude.

    Before the incident, I was a very active human. After regaining consciousness, I was reminded that there were lots of things which I had no control of, and part of the the big lesson, was learning to be more interdependant...going with the flow...letting go of thinking that I could control some aspects of my life....accepting....going along for the ride with as much consciousness and love as I can muster in the moment:>)
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      Apr 5 2013: Hi Colleen,
      "I like exploring life with the unconditional love and curiosity of a child." I can really get the feel of your youthful mind through your comments. It is this awareness that keeps things fresh and interesting. Without your profile picture, I bet there wouldn't be much indication of your real age from how you comment.

      That brings me to a new thought, can people tell exactly how old someone is by how they comment?
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        Apr 6 2013: Thank you Derek! Yes.... "youthful" indeed....getting closer and closer to 70 all the time! LOL:>)

        I cannot tell the age of a person from comments. In fact, there have been times when it feels like a person is very old and wise based on his/her comments, and then I discover s/he is a teenager. I am very impressed with the young insightful people commenting here on TED. Then, there are times when, based on the profile pic and information, a person is obviously older, thinks s/he is very wise and "right" most of the time!!! LOL:>) It is interesting.....is it not?
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          Apr 6 2013: Regarding whether it is possible to be content: Yes, I'm pretty content. Probably I have a complainer's mentality, I'm more inclined to focus on the things that make me unhappy than the ones that make me happy. That might not be so bad, actually, because as you try to fix the things that make you unhappy, you learn a lot of interesting things. I sometimes wish other people would complain more.

          You never seem to complain, Colleen. What makes you want to complain?
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          Apr 7 2013: "Do you think/feel it is possible to be content/satisfied where you are at the moment, and still look toward climbing the mountains and crossing the seas?"

          I do think it can be possible to be content/satisfied and still be aware of the challenges that lie ahead. Being open minded and accepting or tolerant of change will be helpful for this state of mind. That is a challenge in itself.
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        Apr 8 2013: Greg,
        I don't perceive you to be a complainer.....just very curious, which I love!

        I learned a long time ago that people don't really listen when we complain a lot anyway, so it's a waste of energy! I don't see anything to complain about most of the time. If I see something that needs to change, I go into the "change" mode. Complaining doesn't take us to any solution.

        I agree Derek, that it is possible to be content/satisfied and still be aware of the challenges....also agree that being open minded and accepting of change is helpful. I've been practicing this for quite a long time, which is why I don't need to complain, and why I'm usually content:>)

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