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Taking money out of society.

Because man makes everything possible, why do we need money? What's the point of money? So that we have a reason to work? So we can retire someday and still be able to live? If man creates & manufactures everything, why do we need money to continue to create and manufacture things..

I've had this idea for a long time.. And have seen others with this idea. Obviously, there's never going to be enough support for the idea. And if there ever was, those with enough money would squash the idea with some crazy propaganda in the news 24/7, 365 until all that did support a moneyless society would be deemed incredible.

With money, there are soooo many downsides. Even rich people commit suicide or kill others over money. Especially the rich drug cartels. But all around the world, people starve, die of some curable disease, wars are waged, people get murdered for money... There's a huge list of the downsides money creates.. And only one good one...But without money, even that one good one, isn't necessary.


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  • Mar 26 2013: Suppose you live in a "moneyless society" as you call it... now, you need some eggs so you go to local store and ask the clerk some eggs... will you take them home just like that??? that is the ideas isn't it???... now, put yourself on the other side of the counter, what's the point of having to work there???, you're not getting any benefit from it... now, imagine you go to the store and there is no clerk, you can take anything you want, so you do, in the meanwhile you drop some eggs and the floor becomes a mess, no body saw you, what would you do??? how's going to clean???, imagine the site 100 customers after. Now suppose you're the driver of the truck that delivers the eggs, what would you do when you get to the store??? will you just put the merchandise in the store entrance or would you carefully put it on the shelves??? the clerk didn't need to be there, he walked away since he didn't have an incentive to be there. So, as the driver what would you do??? doing this breaking back delivery job o going for some beers and get yourself drunk??? anyways you're not getting any benefit from it, and after all if you crash the truck it didn't cost any money, just go for another and that's all.

    You idea may sound sweet for some young ears, but if you don't explain clearly how your "moneyless society" is going to work then don't expect any real support.
    • Mar 27 2013: No offense, but I don't think you've thought about this too much. The answers to your questions are simple. There would be people working the store, simply because there's a job there to do. Because stores need people to run them. Because not everyone is capable of being a doctor, simpler jobs would be filled.
      • Mar 27 2013: Yes of course, people will do it job just because it's their job, people will be responsible just because they are responsible. No offence but you thoughts sound too naive to my ears. Just imagine someone wants (notice I did not use the word "needs") a car, if that person can choose between a small eco-friendly car and a huge wasteful luxury car and none of them cost him/her a cent, do you believe that person would choose the small eco-firendly car???... stop fooling yourself. A society like the one you depict is doomed to disaster... but if you insist you are right, I challenge you to give a clear explanation about how the whole manufacturing and commercial process will work, convince me you are more that just a naive kid.

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