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Taking money out of society.

Because man makes everything possible, why do we need money? What's the point of money? So that we have a reason to work? So we can retire someday and still be able to live? If man creates & manufactures everything, why do we need money to continue to create and manufacture things..

I've had this idea for a long time.. And have seen others with this idea. Obviously, there's never going to be enough support for the idea. And if there ever was, those with enough money would squash the idea with some crazy propaganda in the news 24/7, 365 until all that did support a moneyless society would be deemed incredible.

With money, there are soooo many downsides. Even rich people commit suicide or kill others over money. Especially the rich drug cartels. But all around the world, people starve, die of some curable disease, wars are waged, people get murdered for money... There's a huge list of the downsides money creates.. And only one good one...But without money, even that one good one, isn't necessary.


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  • Mar 25 2013: The issue of "slavery" makes me think of American slavery, where the blacks and asians were used to either build railroads or farm.. And anything else they were told to do back then.
    They worked for their food, clothes, shelter and other things they needed. The only pay they recieved was the things they would've bought with the money they earned from working, had they not been slaves. We all work for the same things. Of course it's different now. We have cars, cell phones, computers etc etc. Things that humans already make when they go to work, so they can buy food, clothes, shelter and other things that they want and need.
    Of course, we'd have to have some sort of verification. That would be government issued (BTW, there'd still be a need for a government. Only it would severed to what was only necessary) We'd have an employment card.
    When you go to work, you'd clock in & out with your employment card. On your way home, you decided to pick up some groceries. You get what you needed from the grocery store, and swipe your employment card. When you needed a new car, you'd swipe your employment card. When you needed anything that was available, you'd just swipe your employment card.
    I know what some are thinking right now. That there'd be some with 20 Porches in their drive way. And 35 deep freezers in their garages packed full of freezer burned food, because they can't eat as much as their greed thought they would.
    This might be the case at first. But within a year or less, things would calm down. People would realize they don't need everything. The reason why they thought so at first, is because they probably had very little to start with, and all this free stuff was just too good to pass up. I would not want the government to regulate how much a person has. If we are producing, then let them figure out on their own, what is too much and what is not.
    Technology would allow for better goods and services. Especially for jobs that no one wants to do.
    • Mar 26 2013: I could see electronic vouchers to eliminate abuse. This is just making me think of all the money government gets from the owners of this country, we the people, and how it's totally mismanaged and wasted.
      • Mar 27 2013: If the government was without money, it wouldn't be corrupt or in control of good honest people. We'd still need the government for the bad people.

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