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Taking money out of society.

Because man makes everything possible, why do we need money? What's the point of money? So that we have a reason to work? So we can retire someday and still be able to live? If man creates & manufactures everything, why do we need money to continue to create and manufacture things..

I've had this idea for a long time.. And have seen others with this idea. Obviously, there's never going to be enough support for the idea. And if there ever was, those with enough money would squash the idea with some crazy propaganda in the news 24/7, 365 until all that did support a moneyless society would be deemed incredible.

With money, there are soooo many downsides. Even rich people commit suicide or kill others over money. Especially the rich drug cartels. But all around the world, people starve, die of some curable disease, wars are waged, people get murdered for money... There's a huge list of the downsides money creates.. And only one good one...But without money, even that one good one, isn't necessary.


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    Mar 25 2013: A moneyless society can only function under a Draconian Absolute Dictatorship like the US prison system. If people are free to come and go as they please, or free to exchange goods and services at will, they will need Tangible Value Reresentation, aka money.
    • Mar 25 2013: Why? When everything they will need is at the store.. It got to the store by people who also need to go to the store for things.. And so forth and so on.. It's the reason why we, average individuals work. So we can get the things we need. Those that don't work, don't get what they need or want. Except for the young, old and disabled.
      I don't see the government playing much of a roll in this. What I see, is people doing the same thing they're doing now. Working for a living. And those that choose to be lazy, will get nothing for themselves. Those that pamper the lazy, will be caught and punished. Not by the authorities. But by people who choose to work for what they need and/or want.
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        Mar 25 2013: I cited the only example I am aware of where no official money is involved in an organized, functioning society. I think the point is that money and freedom go hand-in-hand. By the way, if you work for a living how do you receive pay for your services. What form does your income take if there is no Tangible Value Representation?
        • Mar 26 2013: Everything you need would be provided. THe Incas thrived as a cashless society.
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      Mar 25 2013: but even in such circumstances, people try to establish some form of money, like cigarettes in prisons.
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        Mar 25 2013: I think that shows that there is a need for "money" wherever there is commerce, even if that commerce is black market.
        • Mar 25 2013: More than likely because the current system is based on some sort of value. Taking away that concept, changes everything. Including the way we currently think about what's actually valuable. Cigarettes are valuable in prison, because they are so scarce.
    • Mar 26 2013: Untrue. Prison is trade and cash but mostly cash for goods though. Prison isn't the only place where a moneyless society could exist. History states otherwise.
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        Mar 26 2013: Please share your data about moneyless socities from history. You cannot expect to just say they have thrived in the past and expect to be convincing just on the merits of your word. I do not know the proven value of your word.
        • Mar 26 2013: You've never read on Inca society? A google search should suffice cause an argument made on false claims would be the easiest one to disassemble.
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        Mar 26 2013: To be clear, you intimated that history records successful moneyless socities. Is your only example the Incas? It sounds like you are aware of a list of examples. Not true? Your assertion would be strengthened by such a list, if you can share it. Also, do you advocate establishing a society patterned after the Incas?
        • Mar 26 2013: What did I say to imply I had a list. The only one that is known, I believe, is the Inca empire. There was a question posed and I merely used them as a real life example. They accomplished a great deal without any commerce, trade, barter or cash system whatsoever. Look at there mountain cities they were highly advanced people.
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        Mar 26 2013: RE: "What did I say. . . " OK. Sorry, no list of successful moneyless societies from history. The single example you offer as an example of national success without money was unable to defend itself from being devastated by foreign invaders. Not a shining example of success. Again, do you advocate establishing an AYLLU society today? Mr. Cook, no society sufficiently advanced to establish and operate free trade can function without establishing something as a medium of exchange. That something is commonly called "money". Thanks for a provocative free-exchange of opinions. Be well sir.

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