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Taking money out of society.

Because man makes everything possible, why do we need money? What's the point of money? So that we have a reason to work? So we can retire someday and still be able to live? If man creates & manufactures everything, why do we need money to continue to create and manufacture things..

I've had this idea for a long time.. And have seen others with this idea. Obviously, there's never going to be enough support for the idea. And if there ever was, those with enough money would squash the idea with some crazy propaganda in the news 24/7, 365 until all that did support a moneyless society would be deemed incredible.

With money, there are soooo many downsides. Even rich people commit suicide or kill others over money. Especially the rich drug cartels. But all around the world, people starve, die of some curable disease, wars are waged, people get murdered for money... There's a huge list of the downsides money creates.. And only one good one...But without money, even that one good one, isn't necessary.


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    Mar 25 2013: .
    To society, money is:

    (1) Good ---- below or at its optimal point of amount.
    . . .It makes barter easy.
    (2) Bad ---- above the optimal point.
    . . .It makes greed, invalid happiness, crime, evil, inequality, war, environment crisis, ,,,,
    . . .humankind self-extinction.

    So, take it out of society beyond the optimal point!

    (For details, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 10, 14, at
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      Mar 25 2013: Barter is just another form of capitalism. It's no better than money. Money's only advantage is that it is easier to carry around, and for the money-holders, its easier to deceive with. There have been moneyless societies in the past. Wealth as the social glue imposed on them, destroyed them.
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        Mar 25 2013: "There have been moneyless societies in the past."

        Please give us an example or two, Gail. Maney/barter/capitalism is simply a convenient exchange format for society, because no one can be self-sufficient on their own. Having read many of your posts, I know you're far too intelligent to believe that humanity was tricked into capitalism by the Illuminati.
        • Mar 25 2013: The problem with moneyless societies in the past, was that they were too small to continue. There are simple things that are a necessity, that even in a money-less society, you still have to pay for. For example: Sewage, clothes and other necessities...
          If everything went moneyless, then the sewage plants, water treatment plants, clothes manufacturing, lumber companies, concrete plants, drilling rigs etc etc, would continue to operate.
          The moneyless societies in the past, couldn't sustain themselves because not everyone is willing to wash clothes in freezing temperatures, walk out into the icy woods to use the rest room. Or even something as simple as going wiithout keeping up with their friends on facebook...
          If everything was moneyless, their still be facebook.
          Those moneyless societies you speak of, were like living in the caveman days...
        • Mar 26 2013: Do a little research before you discredit some ones claims. The Inca empire. Look it up.

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