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Taking money out of society.

Because man makes everything possible, why do we need money? What's the point of money? So that we have a reason to work? So we can retire someday and still be able to live? If man creates & manufactures everything, why do we need money to continue to create and manufacture things..

I've had this idea for a long time.. And have seen others with this idea. Obviously, there's never going to be enough support for the idea. And if there ever was, those with enough money would squash the idea with some crazy propaganda in the news 24/7, 365 until all that did support a moneyless society would be deemed incredible.

With money, there are soooo many downsides. Even rich people commit suicide or kill others over money. Especially the rich drug cartels. But all around the world, people starve, die of some curable disease, wars are waged, people get murdered for money... There's a huge list of the downsides money creates.. And only one good one...But without money, even that one good one, isn't necessary.


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    Mar 25 2013: I'm with Pat. Any amount you feel you must remove from your life I will gladly take it from you.
    To your point however, I believe that Gene Roddenberry's thoughts of a moneyless society where mankind has decided that knowledge is more important is so incredibly far fetched that I rather believe warp drive is a possiblity comparatively speaking. Having said that, sure why not? If my freedom remained in tact and my needs were met completely I suppose that would be ok, however that would mean that society finally decided that all people are equal, that diseases are completely removed from our lives and war could finally be buried once and for all, as a start. Also, there is the heirarchy of power above that must be considered. If money isn't the motivational factor, would it be labor or worse slave labor? At least we would have food replicators.

    Always an interesting question.
    • Mar 25 2013: Hathaway.
      So you believe the lie we have no motivation except for money?
      Why do people teach, play, learn, study, build, design, create and eat?
      Solely for the gain of money? No. We are motivated because that is part of what we are as a species.
      If the global monetary system collapses, we will still want, desire and need to do those things I listed, along with many others. Let's see, according to your logic the people who swarmed over Thailand, Malaysia, India and other places devastated by the 2004 tsunami, did so for money, even though they didn't get paid?
      With out money, we have nothing standing in our way from solving our problems. Why?
      Because nothing costs money. Everything costs people.
      Things don't........"get done"...........because of money.
      Things.............don't get done".......because of money.
      Since money is the cause of most of ills of humanity, getting rid of it will also rid humans of almost all crime and what goes with it.
      We don't need money but the financial people/elite/rulers need us to continue believing we need money in order to maintain control of humanity. That is where their power comes from in the manufacture, control, distribution and manipulating of its value.
      The power structure has to be based on how we make decisions, not who makes them.
      Decisions made involving money are always the wrong decisions and benefit only those who profit off them.
      Usually, well almost 100% of the time, this involves 'not solving the problems' promised, needed and even demanded.
      The monetary system is a corrupt system, unjust, cannot be made just and has to be done away with.
      The only way to be successful in it is to become corrupt because that is how it works, thrives and survives as a system. It is a system of enslavement.
      Sorry, if you don't believe that. It's true however.
      Some people can see the truth. Most simply don't want to, but they will take you down with them.
      We don't need money.
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        Mar 25 2013: @RANDOM: Nice to see someone as passionate and rational as I am. Nice post.

        This bears repeating:
        Nothing costs money. Everything costs people.
        Things don't........"get done"...........because of money.
        Things.............don't get done".......because of money.
      • Mar 25 2013: I'm sure there'd still be many motovating factors. Because as you said, it's just part of our species. I do think, how ever, we'd be motovated for different things.
        Take cars for example. Why are their low end and high end cars? Because of the money factor. Some people can't afford Porches. Some people are can't even afford a used Porche. So they get what they can afford.
        Without money, all vehicles would be the absolute best they could be. Imagine, without money, there'd be electric cars that could go 100mph, and last for 200+ miles on one charge. Petroleum would NOT be a thing of the past, because so many products, like trash bags, all types of plastics and other things, need (right now) need a petroleum base, to be manufactured.

        I can just imagine all the great ideas that have been bought and then squashed before it got to the production stage, by those that can't afford or allow the competition. Things that would make all our lives more efficient, less costly and less stressful... Stressful in this case, would be pulling up to a gas pump @ $4.00 per gallon, knowing you have to buy it, but really need groceries or medicine.
        • Mar 26 2013: Capitalism breeds competition which is never bad but instead of competing against each other we would be competing against ourselves which is probably even better for innovation, possibly but will definitely ponder some more.
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        Mar 25 2013: I don't believe that I said that I believe that money is the only factor, mearly stating that for many that would be A factor.
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      Mar 25 2013: @HATHAWAY: You should watch this TED talk. Money is proven not to be the best motivator - except for menial slave-like tasks.


      I know that I keep very busy and I am retired. Money doesn't motivate me. Passion does.
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        Mar 25 2013: Again, I didn't say that money is MY reason to work. As an artist and designer I know all too well the reason why I get up in the morning and all too often it is to be satisfied with my work alone. If you read my comment you will see that I said " Having said that, sure why not? If my freedom remained in tact and my needs were met completely I suppose that would be ok..."
    • Mar 26 2013: How could they be far fetched when a perfect example of a money less society were the Incas.
    • Mar 26 2013: I think there majority of us have decided all people are equal but why would all diseases need to be eradicated? This change could only happen over several generations. Whole new ways of thinking would have to be implemented generation after generation.
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        Mar 26 2013: Well, as to diseases my thinking was just as much a reference to Mr. Roddenberry's vision of the future as well as the heirarchy of power I mentioned above in my first comment. A drug company would need to somehow make people work for them to create drugs that would stop diseases, and how would that work? Some form of commerce is needed to produce results, yes? Passion has something to do with many things in life but a corporation isn't a passionate entity unless commerce is involved. If money isn't the driving force, what is? Barter or perhaps indentured servitude? Most people live for the good times and money can buy that to some extent. Thinkers believe that humanity can be better than it is, and I believe that too. However those of us who are only focused on the potential still miss one fact. Part of being human is to achieve goals in life. If money is my goal, who is to say thats wrong or backward. I don't know about anyone else here, but I have yet to see any captains of industry chime in on this post. Multimillionares would be hypocritical by saying "we don't need money", therefore only dreamers and the dillusional believe that. I prefer dreamers myself.
        Referencing your opening comment/question of the majority of us deciding that all people are equal I must respectfully disagree Mr Cook. Such a statement seems to me a bridge too far as we are talking about a world wide change (afterall who would do business with the US if we didn't offer commerce, therefore the whole planet would have to be in on it) and simply reading any headline of world affairs indicates the contrary to that. As you said, "whole new ways of thinging would have to be implemented.."
        • Mar 26 2013: Don't get me wrong. Your totally correct. I made a reference to Incas but that's just one ancient, albeit very successful, civilization but if that were to ever really happen that's at least another mellenia, especially on a world wide scale bit its always fun to vision. All people should definitely be treated as equal because no human is above any other.

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