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What role does music play in our lives?

How does music affect our mood? How we think? How we work? What impact does music have on us as a race?


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    Mar 28 2013: I love music! I listen to music every chance I get. The kind of music I listen t at a particular time depends on what I am doing and my mood that moment. For instance, I am listening to old, slow songs from the 80's right now because I wanted something not over the top, that I could listen to while working (easy listening). I could listen to something else that well, instead of working, I'll spend my time engulfed in the songs. I guess you can say then that the music we listen to can affect our concentration and consequently, our productivity.
    Again, music allows us to be part of a group (helps us connect as a race), while still giving us the chance to show our uniqueness as individuals (we might like the same song as the next person but when and where we choose to listen to it is our individual choice).

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