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How can we consider the bible credible?

How could we rely on what the bible tells us? Looking at the bible from a historical point of view, it has been translated over and over again into hundreds of different languages. Over the years kings and rulers have altered and manipulated aspects to suit their reign. Even today there are multiple different interpretations. What effects do you think this has on the content?


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  • Mar 27 2013: There's no logic answer to that question. Faith disregards facts, and I'm not saying this to diss on religion, but that's the definition of faith. People used to burn at the stake for trying to acquire a version of the Bible that they could actually read. The Bible has been used to manipulate the citizens in the past into making the church the most powerful organization on Earth. The present Bible is nothing like the original version, even when you just compare it to the old books (Deuteronomy, for example). The word of God as is in the Bible is so far away from what it originally was that there's, again, no logical argument to believe in it. So the answer to your question would be: Blind faith.
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      Mar 28 2013: Actually, the Holy Bible, (Authorized Version KJV) is not guilty of the accusations you make. It defines Faith as, "The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." How do you interpret that to mean "disregard facts"? Faith comes into play only when the subject matter is unseen and is a matter of hope. Faith is not necessary to intelligent, logical, scientific conduct regarding the physical world. Are you a Bible scholar,or are you sharing your personal opinion?

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