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How can we consider the bible credible?

How could we rely on what the bible tells us? Looking at the bible from a historical point of view, it has been translated over and over again into hundreds of different languages. Over the years kings and rulers have altered and manipulated aspects to suit their reign. Even today there are multiple different interpretations. What effects do you think this has on the content?


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  • Mar 25 2013: The bible isn't credible in this age or any time ahead of us. What people tend to forget is that the bible is rewritten a dozen of times already and stories are made bigger than they actually were.

    Having said the above lines I would say the bible is just a reflection of the human emotion and there are very valuable lessons to be learned from it to get the strength and hope from believing in a god that doing good thing will give you a ticket into heaven.

    Imagine if there was a proof that god does not exist it would shatter religions all over the world an people will lose hope and stop believing in miracles
    • Mar 25 2013: Yeah that's true, I'm sure many people need to believe in something better to give their life purpose.
    • Mar 26 2013: Discrediting the bible with solid evidence does nothing for disproving God's existence. This belief was well before any book was written.
      • Mar 26 2013: I see where your point but what I was trying to say is that many people follow the bible and its exact written rules for life. What people forget is that the bible has been rewritten a dozen of times.

        I'm not telling them not to believe because some people made some stories up but if you do note research into the bible you see that a lot of intelligent people of that time wrote and rewrote the bible.

        It is the ability to see the deeper meaning of life trough the bible and get strength from your faith.
    • Mar 26 2013: I don't think people would stop believing in miracles. Miracles happen regardless. Miraculous events occur a lot more frequent than you might think.
      • Mar 26 2013: I know and they are most beautiful indeed

        But I was kinda aiming for miracles towards the religious side that god may have had a hand in helping and guiding a person. What would those miracles mean to religious people if there was proof that there isn't a god.

        Sure they would see it as a miracle but think that person was just very lucky and nothing more.

        I am not a man of faith but if I were to believe in god I don't think he creates the miracles but gave us the ability to do so instead so that no divine intervention would be needed.

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