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How can we consider the bible credible?

How could we rely on what the bible tells us? Looking at the bible from a historical point of view, it has been translated over and over again into hundreds of different languages. Over the years kings and rulers have altered and manipulated aspects to suit their reign. Even today there are multiple different interpretations. What effects do you think this has on the content?


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    Mar 25 2013: If you want to know if the bible is credible, all you have to do is Test It. I've done that, and I have faith in the God of the Bible.
    You gotta experience it yourself.
    • Mar 25 2013: How would one go about testing it? If you are testing it based solely on facts then I feel there will be large shortcomings, look at Gail's or even creationism in general. Do you take it on metaphor? I would have a problem with that too as I would find it hard to put all my faith in something that could mean anything...
      • Mar 26 2013: You may acknowledge the meaning of the test as you think over the sin (sinful mind) in which ALL people can not be free from the sinful mind and actions in store.
        To believe the bible credible is to believe the Good News which means "God saved his people from the original Sin".
        If there were not original sin to human being, the death of Jesus would have been meaningless and stupid!!
        If you realize yourself not perfect (= you are not free from the sin) ,then you can acknowledge and say " I am a sinner " before God.
        Then, you will automatically believe in the Good News and say the bible credible !!
        At the same time, you will enjoy that the truth of God set you free and real happiness thanking God even if sometimes hardship in your life!!!
        Please test yourself asking" I am sinner before God" ?
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        Mar 26 2013: Dear Jonathan,

        To go about "testing" it for yourself, you must have a Bible, I don't think the version matters.
        Then find someone in your locality, who can help you study it, and answer questions you have about it.

        It is important that when you ask a question, they answer it using the scriptures themselves.
        Trust yourself enough to discern whether or not they are teaching you the truth. How?
        Pray to God for wisdom and discernment to help you find those that will teach you biblical truth.
        If God really does exist, don't you think He will help you find these individuals?

        Online you can find alot of information, but much of it discredits what the Bible says.
        Find those that hold the Bible in high regard, and see what they have to say.
        Ask questions, be patient and listen.

        Then make a choice to see if the Bible is credible enough for YOU.

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