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How can we consider the bible credible?

How could we rely on what the bible tells us? Looking at the bible from a historical point of view, it has been translated over and over again into hundreds of different languages. Over the years kings and rulers have altered and manipulated aspects to suit their reign. Even today there are multiple different interpretations. What effects do you think this has on the content?


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    • Mar 25 2013: You're right, sorry, I rephrased my question.
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      Mar 25 2013: I don't think religious ideas deserve respect just because they are religious, or popular.

      But at the same time I value freedom of and from religion.

      The ideas and belief should be open to debate and judged on their own merit in my view.

      Why do you think criticism of religious ideas should be off limits?

      Does this include sexist and homophobic and violent religious beliefs? Should we not criticise the mutilation of boys and girls genitals for religious reasons? Should we shut up when religious people try and force banning contraception or their religion into public schools?
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          Mar 25 2013: My bad for assuming respect might include not criticising.

          We agree about healthy discussion. Some might consider that disrespectful in itself. I don't think people have a right not to be offended by the views of others.

          Also perhaps about circumcision being done for religious reasons being decided by parents for helpless children. No issue with an adult choosing to be circumcised or pierced or whatever.

          I'm not sure I can respect all that that book says and represents. But I have no desire to force others to agree with me.
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          Mar 26 2013: Who cares if you don't like me replying to someone saying they think we should respect the bible (comment is deleted?

          I don't see anything wrong with building on or responding to the comments of others.

          I'm disagreeing not attacking them personally.

          Who are you to call my honest opinion on a point of view expressed by others a rant?

          Flag it if you want. In a way your objections are even more off topic than my responses to the comments of others.

          Some might find your desire for censorship more offensive than me expressing views they may disagree with.

          Glad you are not a moderator.
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      Gail . 50+

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      Mar 25 2013: The Abrahamic Religions don't deserve my respect. They have brought far too much harm into the world. They do not bring harmony. If you lived in the bible belt south of America, you would know that - unless you are a fundamentalist christian as too many are.
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        Mar 26 2013: Sorry Gail, according to ZX you are not supposed to comment on the comments of others unless they meet the ZX on/off topic criteria.
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          Mar 26 2013: Oops. Thanks for reminding me. ;-)

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