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Bringing Truth and Clarity To Key Issues Affecting Us All Through TED

Anyone who has been an advocate or activist knows that you have to strike while the iron is hot..take advantage of happenings and events receiving publicity at the moment to move information about your cause forward. There is so much brain power here in the TED many people all over the world committed to the well being ofhumanity and many here asking in commentary and iniconversations how we can collaborate with one another to bring about change. Imagine what the TED community could do if we collectively addressed ousrelves to uncovering and telling the truth about Libya for example..we all know deep down inside we are not being told the truth..and what about the jewel in the crown of the plutonomy..oil..what if we all used moments of opportunity when the publics attention is focused on an issue to throw all the light on it we can as a community? Folk need to understand that as long as producers control production and pricing the price of oil will never come down. under the current system of incentive, oversight and subsidy. I have found lately that it is very easy to use the "Alexandria Library" of the internet to really get behind and underneath storeis in the news very very quickly, See for example my recent posting on Libya. It didn't take very long to get to a wealth of information suggesting that this was all about blocking Libyas attempt to control the production and price of its own oil resources and that the hype of humanaitarrian relief and aid to rebels seeking democracy was just a way to win public suport for an action we wouldn't have tolerated otherwise. I am envisioning a common TED Community blog where we coukd post a title and brief summary of issues we are addressing ourselves to.( is it possible for a single blog to have many authros???) and through commentray we can add facts to it. Shall we try with a current issue?

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      Apr 2 2011: Thank You Ed..yes I agree with you..we have to be mindfully present to world events in the same way we hope to be with one another..without need, ttachment, judgment, ego or fantasy. If our inquiry sets out to proveour own pre-conceived ideas th truth will not speak. By "strike when the iron is hot." .I mean that when the eyes of the world are turned in a particular direction..that is the moment to try and reveal the truth in thate let the truth in the moment find itself and speak. I believe that anyone can do that in any moment..not just those of us that have a spiritual practice.I believe that anyone can cultivate a habit of witness that allows the trruth to speak without being rooted in a spiritual practice. I see that kind of witness in so many of the comments and questions here at TED. Again, thank you Ed.