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Should bullying be actionable?

You hear it all over the news (in the Netherlands): Children and teenagers commit suicide as a result of being bullied.
We find it sad and that's it. We do nothing about the cause. I think bullying should be actionable (just like murder en raper are too). You?


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  • Mar 30 2013: Some schools and districts do just this. Though not on the level of rape or murder.

    But, the problem often is that students don't report bullying. Now, there are those who use the old adage "boys will be boys" and such, which are fortunately going away. And yes, girls bully as well, I am not trying to pick on anyone gender. When bullying is not reported or witnessed, the schools are limited in what they can do. Just like the police would be if a crime was committed but not reported.

    Increasing knowledge of bullying, teaching students skills to stand up to bullies, teaching them how and when to report, and, even teaching kids how to defend themselves, are all good skills that can be taught to help combat bullying. But first recognizing signs and knowing when to report would be a good first step.

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