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Should bullying be actionable?

You hear it all over the news (in the Netherlands): Children and teenagers commit suicide as a result of being bullied.
We find it sad and that's it. We do nothing about the cause. I think bullying should be actionable (just like murder en raper are too). You?

  • Mar 27 2013: Personally, I fully agree that Bullying should be actionable. We tend, rightly, to separate the actions of children and adults, but for some reason this often creeps into a lack of adequate punishment for the actions of children. The real question for me is what can be done, especially when a child comes from a bad home (and it is not possible to intervene in the home situation). Some of the answer I believe is in treating schools as custodians of children's safety, for instance punishing students who bully other students, even when the bullying occurs outside of school hours and off school premises (such as cyber-bullying). By itself it is not a final answer, but it is at least a start.
  • Mar 30 2013: Some schools and districts do just this. Though not on the level of rape or murder.

    But, the problem often is that students don't report bullying. Now, there are those who use the old adage "boys will be boys" and such, which are fortunately going away. And yes, girls bully as well, I am not trying to pick on anyone gender. When bullying is not reported or witnessed, the schools are limited in what they can do. Just like the police would be if a crime was committed but not reported.

    Increasing knowledge of bullying, teaching students skills to stand up to bullies, teaching them how and when to report, and, even teaching kids how to defend themselves, are all good skills that can be taught to help combat bullying. But first recognizing signs and knowing when to report would be a good first step.
  • Mar 26 2013: Bullying is originally from the sinful mind of human. It's inevitable l of occuring of the bad action in the life of world.
    So, we need to blame no pre-education and/or warning itself toward people in the society rather than the people commit bullying.
    Because all of people can commit the bullying , not only specific person!!
  • Mar 26 2013: I am just saying such things are not always obvious.
    • Mar 26 2013: I get your point and I agree with it.
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    Mar 25 2013: Being bullied is very hurtful and leaves scars for the rest of ones life. But sometimes I wonder if that is just the way nature works, and maybe all of us are and need to be scarred. I don't think there is any adult out there who was never bullied.

    The thought of suicides commited because of bullies is very saddening, but I don't think bullies can be stopped. It's the cause of human nature. The Stanford prison experiment shows this side of us humans very clearly.

    Bullying might have a benefit (like tickling, as kids we don't like to be tickled, but it teaches us self defence), it is just that we all might have been bullied and we don't like to think of it as something beneficial.

    Those are my thoughts! :)

    Edit: I have never whitnessed or experienced physical bullies (only verbal bullies and cyberbullies), so I don't have an opinion on that.
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    Mar 25 2013: There are laws; in some countries, harsh laws. But we still have rapes and murders.
    Even though we should rise against bullying as if we want to end it; yet we should be aware that humanity is not perfect. Kids make mistakes.
    I think at the foundational level, a lot has to be done. Parents are to provide a loving home environment for their children. Parents are the first mentors kids have, so I'd blame them (excuses and all) for the bully's behaviour.
    Schools also should have a clear statement that will be known to parents and pupils about the firm disciplinary action against bullies.
    I propose that all schools should have a pupil support group (like a school version of human rights group) whose activities would be tailor-made for the age group (education, fun and friendship); whose main goal is to stamp out bullying from schools.
    Cyberbulling is also an issue; victims should be encouraged to report to the appropraite authorities; so that help will come as a collaboration between the pupil support group and the school authority.
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    Mar 25 2013: In my experience children bully because they have been bullied or have witnessed bullying. They then act out these behaviours out of fear, powerlessness, anger or a need to control their situation. Without intervention these children may well grow up to become adult bullies - either workplace bullies or secret bullies to their partner and kids.

    The cycle needs to be broken and this is best done with children as their brains are still being wired. These kids need to be shown a non-violent way of expressing themselves - perhaps through a circle group with a skilled facilitator.

    Go to - you may find more info on this site, but it does focus on workplace bullying rather than school yard bullying.
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    Gail .

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    Mar 25 2013: I don't think that it should be actionable as much as I think that it should be prevented

    check out this link - begin with #1 - schools. I think that you will find it and the other links (prisons, homeless, women, indians, military) just as fascinating.
  • Mar 25 2013: Kids are bad about this at certain ages. What do you want to do? Is the victim always completely innocent? The ways to reduce it might irratate some adults more than the bullying. Who started a fight? See what I mean. Don't see - then how can we talk about it rationally. If you can't defend yourself that may encourage the bully, but if there is a fight - Who started it? See
    • Mar 25 2013: Is the victim always completely innocent... Well, in case of a murder or rape, is the victim always completely innocent? And yet in that case the perpetrator is prosecuted.
  • Mar 25 2013: In my country the bully action in school is rarely to see. But I hate this behaviour either. What I am concerned is not how to deal with it after the hurt has been done, but to explore the inner reason why it happened continuously in the highly developed country such as yours.
    • Mar 25 2013: True. I think people people bully cause they are insecure. When they bully...the opportunists often give them confidence. So the problem is, should we prosecute the opportunists too?
      • Mar 26 2013: I definitely agree with your idear of murdering the rapers. Their crime not only hurts the victims both physically and psychologically and the people around them along their lifetime.