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Connectivity token.

A token device (or even your smartphone) that can connect wirelessly to the computer you are on at the moment, logs you in your e-mail accounts, adds your bookmarks in the browser and keeps track of all your logins to the service.
Due to the fact that I travel alot and I can't always carry a laptop with me, and data roaming on my phone is still very expensive, I think such a device would be very useful.
I know Google has already managed to do something similar with Chrome, but I'm thinking of every website or service you use.
When you're done, you just walk away and the device turns itself off and logs out of the said computer, if you forget to turn the service off.


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  • Mar 27 2013: I solved this problem on my computer by clicking on the no cookies or memory of websites on explorer.
    To say exactly go on settings and click the manage add ons. Then just click on the (sort of exception button) that says to remember password.

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