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Influence one person at a time!

I've heard the words "we can change everything" many times on TED.
And I do believe that it's true!
But a lot of people don't have the energy, possibility or means to "change everything" and therefore get discouraged and instead do much less then they are capable of.
Something that everyone can do however is to try to influence people in a good way, strangers, friends or family... Have you told your mother, father or friends about TED and what it means to you?

My idea is this: try to influence people, at least one at a time (when you have the possibility) to do and think better, don't be afraid!

Edit: Is this a good idea? Some feedback and personal stories would be nice to hear.


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  • Apr 11 2011: I've actually become a ted addict due to my boss :P we now have an ongoing thing where I try to find a video he hasn't seen and I'm happy to say the other day I did :)

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