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What are some nice occupations for math lovers?

I am in high school and math is the only class I can listen attentively. I also really like science when we are learning equations.

  • Mar 24 2013: Mathematics does have the seductive beauty of pure answers.

    Engineering, Actuary, statistician, financial analyst, researcher are some jobs. I noticed that several of the other responders with an initial interest in math expanded their learning circle to include many other subjects. If you only learn math, you limit your options. If you are great in math, but have other skills as well, you can have more options and find the best match. You might think through what aspect of mathematics appeals to you the most. The mathematics wiki web site sort of categorizes mathematics.

    Listening is a skill that will serve you well through life. Here is a TED talk.

    You might also like the concept of structuring arguments and critical thinking. Here is a neat site.

    Also, here is a pretty cool math site if you have not seen it.
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    Mar 24 2013: Check this out:

    There are other links on the Math Careers page of the site.
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    Mar 24 2013: Advice: For the next thirty years treat maths as a hobby. In the meantime catch-up with the rest of your education. You'll have stripped the school and town library bare of all maths books? Do your own research beyond Wikipedia and while you're at it learn how to research, and then appreciate, other things. For one example out of hundreds in one field out of hundreds, how about the mathematics of predator-prey populations?
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    Mar 24 2013: math has many areas. dig deeper to see which one really interests you.
  • Mar 24 2013: How about being a mathematic teacher at school in the future?
  • Mar 24 2013: I studied physics as an undergrad then grad school. Then I went to law school. I found statistics interesting too. I also earned an MBA evenings at a later time. There are many problems and teaching jobs related to mathematics in the business school. There are only a tiny number of PhD's granted in mathematics, statistics, and the physical jobs.
    If you want a job after school and to hold on to it, you might consider teaching math in the public schools if they will still hire people there.