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Can first world countries spend their overseas aid budgets more effectively?

On March 20th 2013, Great Britain's government firmly backed a legislation that would ensure that 0.7% (~£11 Billion) of Gross National Income will be spent on Overseas Aid.

With many skeptics feeling that this money is often wasted or better spent in more important areas, how would you like to see this money spent to change the perception that International Aid isn't effective?

Myself and Maddy Nash would love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Apr 4 2013: I think there's also a need to study what might be called tribalism, we in the West have bi -lineal descent meaning we trace our family through both mother and father side. This is not the case in much of the world where labor and legal obligation fall to a distinct family unit usually distinguished by uni-lineal descent through the matri-lineal or patri-lineal side. This results in how they produce herding and farming enclaves and even extended agreement some Kurds practice third cousin marriage or cross cousin marrying, some Kurds are very progressive the PKK's import of Communist doctrine brought in a lot of gender equality etc.. Terms like matri-local and patri-local came up for who you move in with after marriage and wouldn't it be better if the desperate people could go to a traditional family enclave in times of trouble rather than a UN warehouse. Sorry my cultural anthropology class was how the Westerners f----- the natural balance 1400-1600. How the Inca Empire produced more grain than the people living there today, then peanuts in Gambia, then cotton in Ethiopia, Rubber in Liberia culminating in Rhodesia modern day Zimbabwe colonized by Cecil Rhodes the founder of De Beer's and all along the way switching taxes from food staples to the elite to the foreign Pound Sterling. Suffice it to say racked with white man's guilt though I'm Jewish and Irish maybe a little Scot so colonized and foreigner in foreign Eastern Europe lands.
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      Apr 5 2013: Hi David,

      Thank you for your thoughts again! While this is an interesting insight into the past, once again... how can we apply this when thinking about how to better spend our foreign aid budgets?

      Thanks David,

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