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Can first world countries spend their overseas aid budgets more effectively?

On March 20th 2013, Great Britain's government firmly backed a legislation that would ensure that 0.7% (~£11 Billion) of Gross National Income will be spent on Overseas Aid.

With many skeptics feeling that this money is often wasted or better spent in more important areas, how would you like to see this money spent to change the perception that International Aid isn't effective?

Myself and Maddy Nash would love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Apr 4 2013: What about the emergence of the so-called "Silicon Savannah" emerging in Kenya. I think it quite possible with some economic success, a little military success in Somalia, and Kenya's favorite son in the White House they might not feel like rocking the boat. Hopefully and it doesn't look like there will be election violence which is a step forward.
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      Apr 5 2013: Hi David!

      That's good to know that the Kenyan economy is emerging. When you say 'rocking the boat', please can you elaborate further? Finally, can you tie this back to the original question we have set up to and answer?

      Thanks David,

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