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Can first world countries spend their overseas aid budgets more effectively?

On March 20th 2013, Great Britain's government firmly backed a legislation that would ensure that 0.7% (~£11 Billion) of Gross National Income will be spent on Overseas Aid.

With many skeptics feeling that this money is often wasted or better spent in more important areas, how would you like to see this money spent to change the perception that International Aid isn't effective?

Myself and Maddy Nash would love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Apr 1 2013: There are a lot of experiments in philanthropy watch The New Recruits from PBS spreading pay toilets, drip irrigation, and solar powered lights to move people away from flammable kerosene.
    I'm reading a book right now for an anthropology class about a peace corp recruit who assists a mid wife.
    Of course there are issues where they say grain has been destroyed to keep the price high I think we're coming an age of ethanol and a second year of droughts. Probably issues with the grain not getting out like Katrina fund I know the Red Cross building in the Central African Republic was just sacked. Still advances are made I heard about this bag Africans can shit in bio-degradable and it's got chemicals to make it more ready for compost.
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      Apr 1 2013: Hi David!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

      Are you from the US? Is that the country you are referring to when speaking of droughts? Also, is there anywhere where you can direct us to to view 'The New Recruits' show that you mentioned?

      Best regards,

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