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Can first world countries spend their overseas aid budgets more effectively?

On March 20th 2013, Great Britain's government firmly backed a legislation that would ensure that 0.7% (~£11 Billion) of Gross National Income will be spent on Overseas Aid.

With many skeptics feeling that this money is often wasted or better spent in more important areas, how would you like to see this money spent to change the perception that International Aid isn't effective?

Myself and Maddy Nash would love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Mar 31 2013: G'day Everett, My friend Peter from www.spiritofsharing.com.au from his work in Vanuatu/Fiji and now Tibet says that contraception would be of benefit to donor and recipient.

    All these countries would be different of course in one's approach to the subject because of different religions.
    Yes as you say would have to be through the women firstly.

    I am sure female aid workers through an interpreter could just be upfront about the micro chip, and how it works, ditto condoms saw one Indian woman spreading the word by putting a condom on a small rolling pin ! and lecturing the onlookers it will stop Aids.

    Heard on radio BBC I think somewhere in Africa a group of women have been sent to learn about installing solar panels on roofs which they did, initially it was against 'culture' for women to be climbing onto roofs etc. However when rest of village saw the benefits the 'culture' stuff disappeared quite a lot.

    Initially sounds harsh but does Aid have to go the carrot/stick route ? i.e. suggest to them (tell them) micro chip after 3 kids and then reward village with solar panels or 30,000L water tanks, a school ?
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      Apr 1 2013: Hi Karmel,

      It's nice to hear of some examples of where back-dated cultures / trends are now changing with regards to the women in Africa...

      This is an interesting incentivisation policy you have raised in terms of providing conditional aid. It would be great to hear everyone's views on whether this type of route would pay dividends.

      Thanks Karmel,

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