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Can first world countries spend their overseas aid budgets more effectively?

On March 20th 2013, Great Britain's government firmly backed a legislation that would ensure that 0.7% (~£11 Billion) of Gross National Income will be spent on Overseas Aid.

With many skeptics feeling that this money is often wasted or better spent in more important areas, how would you like to see this money spent to change the perception that International Aid isn't effective?

Myself and Maddy Nash would love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Mar 28 2013: G'day Nik ...I had wonderful parents. Bought up in the Methodist Church where we were taught 'do unto others'....treat people how you would like them to treat you. Life is about caring and those that can (must look after those that can't). I tell you it is a very satisfying life and am a happy person.

    Just retired I got training and work as a volunteer on behalf of Australia's Disabled and Senior people and my background has made me soo strong as I try and right the wrongs for disabled people in particular, keeping my promise to that little boy in Afghanistan all those years ago.

    I went to UK to visit my brother who had got a job as a Lecturer in pure maths at Cambridge. In my day (I'm 64) women were not expected to go to Uni. My brother insisted I sit for exam and I got into Cambridge to study Anthropology I only did 2 yrs. but did not finish degree.

    I came home to Australia via overland ..east.europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Singapore. Much more travel after.

    Yes having only 1 child (I separated from father)I was able to provide a roof over his head, food on the table, medical costs, schooling (his father paid for his university). He is doing the same for his daughter and grandson.

    Personally I believe every child should have what I worked (often 2 jobs) for to give my 1 child. Yes I did have to take contraception.

    Nik what did you think of www.spiritofsharing.com.au you ask what next 1-10 yrs. Contraception to be seen as a GOOD word (not dirty) and more grass roots aid missions like Spirit is doing. Anyone reading please give a donation as the Tibet project needs $100,000 A.

    To have lived your life without compassion (for others) is to not have lived at all !

    Amen Blessings to all.
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      Mar 29 2013: Hi Karmel!

      Thank you so much for providing your thoughts on this through what you have experienced in life. It's great to the hear the views of those all over the world so that we can gain a holistic perspective on the issues we are currently facing today.

      It sounds as though you were raised very well and are extremely grounded! It is great that you have stayed true to your beliefs (e.g. keeping your promise to the little boy in Afghanistan)... and passed this onto your future generations... if everyone across the world has the same positive & determined attitude we will go far together on topics such as this.

      I really like what www.spiritofsharing.com.au is doing as an initiative. I think they have tapped into one of the few things that often transcends race, religion & politics - which is sport. In fact, on Christmas Day during the First World War, the fighting stopped between England / The Allies and Germany and a game of football was played between both front lines. It ended 4-2 between Scotland and Germany. Sadly, the next day, the war then continued...

      Anyway... I have moved off the point slightly... by supplying these specific goods to young children, they are increasing their quality of life greatly from a social development point of view. We have talked about simple things such as clean water / rebuilding infrastructure... but this is the first time social / mental development has come up. My cousin is a social worker who deals specifically with children and has always said that social development at a such as a young age will greatly impact the way one grows up so I do honestly think the 'spirit of sharing' is a wonderful & worthwhile idea.

      I'm just trying to think of a way in which the general public (e.g. the UK people) could directly choose initiatives like this to donate their proportion of Overseas Aid (via Tax etc.) to...

      Hope you have a great day!

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