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When and why did us spinning on a rock in "space" become a rational thought, instead of irrational?

Why aren't we crazy simply because we believe the fact that we are spinning on a rock in space. ( I am not doubting the premise) Just that some how it goes against everything that is rational in this world, yet we are ok with it.

We are on a flying rock that is traveling through space. It sounds like something out of the comic books or the insane asylum.

Why are we ok with this irrational thought? And we call it science


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  • Mar 26 2013: All the astronauts who have gone into space have commented that our planet should be called "water" because that is just about all they see.
    One astronaut said he could never really grasp the size of the Pacific Ocean until he was traveling across it at roughly'4 miles a second and it still took 25 minutes to cross.
    Maybe we are on a drop of water instead.

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