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When and why did us spinning on a rock in "space" become a rational thought, instead of irrational?

Why aren't we crazy simply because we believe the fact that we are spinning on a rock in space. ( I am not doubting the premise) Just that some how it goes against everything that is rational in this world, yet we are ok with it.

We are on a flying rock that is traveling through space. It sounds like something out of the comic books or the insane asylum.

Why are we ok with this irrational thought? And we call it science


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  • Mar 24 2013: Your common sense was created for a species that lived on the African veldt, operates in a macroscopic world, with low gravity and low velocities.
    The Universe is made up of many more environments than described this way and in fact, our environment may be virtually non-existent anywhere else.
    So why does the Universe have to bow to your common sense.
    You must put your common sense aside and work within the observations that you can make to describe the Universe as it really is, not as you would like it to be.
    If you can, you could be a scientist, if not, then you never will be.
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      Mar 24 2013: Actually my common sense backs up what Science is telling us, that we are on a rock floating/flying through space. I have been told this since I was a child it is common sense to me. However some of my ideas that I post on this site, people have said that I am irrational when in actuality not only am I rational but also very logical and would say very very observant.

      Take this ted conversation about whether we actually live/see in a 3d world or not.

      So then I stopped took a look at my surrounding and come to conclusion that it doesn't make sense that we are on a flying rock, since the only things that fly in this "grounded" reality is animals and man made machines, not rocks. The question I have for you if we founds rock that actually flew or floated here on earth would you think that is makes rational sense since we live on the same thing.

      The universe never has to bow to me I bow to its beauty
      • Mar 24 2013: The rock we are flying around on is not floating. It is constantly falling within a curved space time framework. If you could move a rock fast enough while it is near the surface of our rock such that it could accomplish the same thing (fall at a constant rate within the curved space time created by our rock) it too would appear to float (although with a considerable lateral velocity component)
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          Mar 25 2013: Are we always falling or is it an ellipse as well and there is an up swing?

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