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Living forever?

Most of us don't want to die, but life is ultimately death. Regardless of your religious preference, given the opportunity I wager the vast majority of us, especially under duress, would do almost anything to live longer or even forever. To get your mind into perspective try not to picture an aged old man, ruthless and toothless, looking to beat death as he as beaten his business competition like so much Dickens. More like a parent who wants to be with their child longer but the cancer will not allow it. How about something a little more flippant like a man who really loves to surf but age is catching up to him and he really wants to ride mavericks. One could make up any scenario. How about Einstein? What if he continued to live and in the process actually came up with a working theory of everything? How would humanity benefit from that? Scientifically speaking we are on the cusp of extending life far beyond the limits of natural means using nano machines, advanced drugs and eventually cybergenics. Given the immensity of such a technology would we still be just as bored as ever? A second chance in this case would mean something only if you were ready to take that next step, but if everyone can do it wouldn't it be more akin having ones teeth cleaned? Should it be available to everyone? Religion always weighs in so there would be the obligatory condemnation. The opposite side of that would be perhaps you are ready to die and cannot because it would be immoral to flip the power switch on your own and besides you don't know the code because congress has been swayed by religious leaders to prevent the loss of life for any reason, sort of like abortion or assisted suicide.
I think I'm writing a book here, but I rather believe that we are indeed heading for this debate eventually. I wonder if this would not be a debate if morality was based upon secular ideals and would instead be a question of who goes first?
Bon chance.


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  • Mar 23 2013: Existence of need for any food in man’s stomach is the clearest evidence to the existence of that food, and need for infinite life in our souls is the powerful evidence to the existence of an eternal life. When a simple seed decays under ground, but yields nice, green, lively herbs to the ground surface, is it possible a human being decaying under ground will be fruitless?
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      Mar 24 2013: So you believe in the immortality of the soul......you feel we continue to live on in something else once we go back to the ground?

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