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Perfectionism is the most anti-natural notion we ever had.

Nothing in Nature is perfect. They are grand, awesome, beautiful but not perfect. Right from quantum level to relativistic cosmological scale nothing seems to be perfect. Perfection is an abstraction that our minds create and project on reality and suffer when betrayed.
Yet logic, rationalism, science strive to be perfect. We strive to be perfect too as this notion urges us to excel. If we look at evolution, at the biological scale, it is never after perfect but only as good as the situation demands.
As we move from mechanistic to organic world view, perfectionism is becoming a questionable idea.


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    Mar 25 2013: We should all be following the course of nature......instead of always trying to change her course to suit our whims!
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      Mar 26 2013: With the suspended carbon part per million over 385 in the atmosphere, we have changed our natural world for good. Our seas are acidic now, whole ranges of corals have vanished, the polar caps have shrunk alarmingly - all because we wanted things perfect.

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