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How do you think the single story can be prevented so there wont be an, 'ethnocide' situation?

If you were living first hand in an African country you would wonder if keeping the single story is nothing more than a pipe dream, I am surrounded by youth everyday in Nigeria who want nothing more than to leave the shores of Nigeria and Africa, because in one way or another the brand of their country has lost integrity to them and the soil is no longer fertile for their dreams.

  • Mar 23 2013: I can understand what u said about:for those youth,becaue in their countries in one way or another the brand of their countries have lost integrity to them and the soil is no longer fertile for their dreams.
    I think It is nothing about the countries they live in but how they understand those things happened around them.No matter how bad things happens ,here it is still our lands,the land feeds us growing up everyday.So we always can keep our dreams in the land to contribute us together with the land it always deserves our devotion.
    We are born from the land,growing up in the land,at last back to the magical it is.
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    Gail .

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    Mar 23 2013: Tell them not to come to America then, because our soil is no longer fertile for our dreams. What you speak of appears to be a global phenomenon.
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    Mar 23 2013: Do you think they feel left behind by the shiny west? that they feel an urgency to go where they feel things are moving at a rate they feel Africa or Nigeria should be at? Has the net influenced them to feel this way? They're young and have access to the net that shows vast amount of wealth generation by other young descendant people elsewhere on the planet. Have they moved beyond the culture of the old ways but are silent out of respect?
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      Mar 23 2013: Ken Brown, how are you?
      I would say that the pool is rather mixed, of those who feel left
      behind and those who do not. The fact is that they are conscious of
      places either real or made by gate keepers where their ideas and
      voices whether practical or abstract can be heard, at least thank God
      for the net and mediums like TED, it gives some of us hope that if we
      can provide solutions that are relevant to our social circles not
      depending on qualifications that we have or don't have or who we know
      in 'high' places that we can prevent this single story.
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        Mar 23 2013: Would teaching quiet critical thinking to the under 13's be a start? what i mean about quiet is for their protection until they are of an age where they are secure in their decisions and are set on a course they have at least put some thought into? One can be modern but still revere one's culture and history but many cannot do this.

        Maybe the world needs to stop portraying African countries as poor and destitute groups of primitive black people, help but be silent, sometimes a silent brother or sister can make me stop and wonder why? Unfortunately i see across the net the old european empiricism of relegating africans to the third person.

        What do the young think in Nigeria? The only African contacts i have physically is with some refugee's and they are just glad to be anywhere but where they were except it's a major culture shock for them, their kids will find it better but the parents have that alienated look.

        Ben, you say a hell of a lot but i'm not there or fully understand what you face or see and yes there are always those who stay, those who don't feel or need to leave, amongst my people we call these the home people, those who keep the fire burning. With all of us there is always a sense of Ukaipo, where we look back to where we were born. Connection, revere this and your land will never die.
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    Mar 25 2013: benjamin, mind explaining what the concept of "the single story" is?