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Has facebook status replaced true friendships?

So, today I reposted something on my wall. Something I firmly believe in (which is another story and perhaps I may put that in another topic someday)... So I posted it...

My husband then asks me to take it down because of his job place and he is "friends" with everyone from his work. I am also friends with everyone he works with (Pretty much) so they would see the original post anyhow. Then he got mad when I asked him why should I have to remove something from MY facebook? its Mine! thats the purpose of it. I have had a few issues with facebook come up, people are mad I deleted them, when I told them I was deleting everyone because I was soon giving up facebook. Or when I get messages like "is this about me?" referring to a status I may have put up. What is going on here??

I am getting rid of my facebook after May anyhow, and just going to twitter. I do not like how everyone's friendship is turning into a facebook status! If I am not your friend on facebook, then I am not your friend in real life? When did that become the standard? What is going on here? This is nuts! And so so sad.

oh, fyi... the only reason I am keeping it through may is because we have a couple of pretty big events coming up in may, and they are all in groups.

So let me know what your thought is on this. Am I the only one who feels this way?



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      Mar 23 2013: I agree, and that is what I have wondered. I guess this is a way for me to "clean house" and know who my real friends are. Another reason I am getting rid of facebook.

      Actually I will not delete my account because I have become reacquainted with jr high/high school friends, so i want to keep that line open as there are still a few friends I hope to find some day. Plus it will keep me up to date as to when my favorite bands are coming to town, and other events.

      however, overall, i will be mostly inactive on it so to speak.

      And, Kate, I can totally relate. I put my foot in my mouth so much my breath smells like leather! haha

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