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Has facebook status replaced true friendships?

So, today I reposted something on my wall. Something I firmly believe in (which is another story and perhaps I may put that in another topic someday)... So I posted it...

My husband then asks me to take it down because of his job place and he is "friends" with everyone from his work. I am also friends with everyone he works with (Pretty much) so they would see the original post anyhow. Then he got mad when I asked him why should I have to remove something from MY facebook? its Mine! thats the purpose of it. I have had a few issues with facebook come up, people are mad I deleted them, when I told them I was deleting everyone because I was soon giving up facebook. Or when I get messages like "is this about me?" referring to a status I may have put up. What is going on here??

I am getting rid of my facebook after May anyhow, and just going to twitter. I do not like how everyone's friendship is turning into a facebook status! If I am not your friend on facebook, then I am not your friend in real life? When did that become the standard? What is going on here? This is nuts! And so so sad.

oh, fyi... the only reason I am keeping it through may is because we have a couple of pretty big events coming up in may, and they are all in groups.

So let me know what your thought is on this. Am I the only one who feels this way?



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  • Mar 22 2013: Well its a hard question. I dont think Facebook is a perfect system. Absolutely not. But it can have benefits. In some sense I dont think its a replacement of a social life. But a complement to it.

    Maybe being social in other social medias or other ways are more convenient then Facebook. But Facebook can be pretty useful aswell in its own way. I can understand if your husband didnt want you to post something on facebook. I told my brother to not share some of his posts with my friends since I thought they could take offense to it even if it was just humour. But it shouldnt be a big deal. Sometimes i wait a little before i make status updates to see if I really want to make them. And you could have Twitter and Facebook. I am anonomys on other places online. Its different in different medias. Anyways. I dont have the perfect answer but I hoped this helped.
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      Mar 23 2013: OH! i totally agree. It is awesome for party planning, event planning, etc... So I can keep everyone up to date on the goings on (that is why I'm going to be on there until the end of May) however... I have slowly been deleting people off my friends list, that I pretty much continue to speak with every day, or at least quite a lot in real life. And, they got hurt when I deleted them off my FB, even though I speak to them quite often in person, on the phone, email, etc... They KNOW my plan and yet they still got mad at me for deleting them.

      I just don't understand. This makes me sad. i want friendships that are heart to heart. Soul to soul... NOT keyboard to keyboard...

      But i totally get what your saying about the convenience of it. And i am not downing facebook at all. I love that I have found some people who i really miss alot. Like friends from jr high/high school, etc... Super happy about that, but now that we are reconnected we can talk on the phone, text, whatever. Does this make sense?

      would you ever tell someone to delete the post off THEIR page? This particular post was to legalize the use of hemp in paper products.

      Just saying...

      Thanks for your input. i look forward to hearing what others have to say also. But i feel that NO ONE has the right to tell me what to put on MY page, and what not to put. That is lame i think.

      btw, my husband did apologize. Probably cuz I told him i was going to defriend him, or he could defriend me if he didn't like it haha

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