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Do we have free will?

Would it really be a good thing? If we hace a choise then dousnt that mean we can choose to do bad things?
Woulndt it be easier if we were controlled?

Or do we have both Free Will and Destiny?


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  • Mar 23 2013: If we did not have free will, what then would be the purpose of life on Earth? If in the afterlife we shall be judged by God for our actions, and we did not freely do them, how could we be judged by them? Since there will be an afterlife, which will have something to do with our time on Earth (if not then the time spent would be meaningless), the connection must be our actions on the Earth, as nothing else but the soul that makes rational (or irrational) choices moves on. The temporal stays in its realm of being, the dust returns to dust so to speak, and the immortal soul returns to the realm of its creator. Since our actions are the basis of our time of Earth, if our actions have no basis as we do not control them, then isn't life in essence meaningless? However, that cannot be true, as the God, the Greatest Good, wouldn't have created something that is in essence meaningless. Therefore, there needs to be substance for our actions, the substance being our control over it. And of course we could choose the bad things if we had the ability to choose. That is human nature, due to our free will. "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." That does not mean that free will is a bad thing, and that our lives would be "better" if we didn't have it. If we didn't have the ability to do something bad, we would not have the ability to do something right. First, since it is given by God, it cannot be a bad thing; it must be good, as God is Good. Our ability would only be to do what is, which can neither be right or wrong, for right or wrong simply is in the nature of choosing between the eternal and the temporal. We mustn't look at free will negatively in the short term aspect of the 70 or so years we have to live. Free will is given by God so that we will gain the knowledge of Him that is necessity for whatever is in the afterlife to join him, through the process of living on Earth.

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