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Do we have free will?

Would it really be a good thing? If we hace a choise then dousnt that mean we can choose to do bad things?
Woulndt it be easier if we were controlled?

Or do we have both Free Will and Destiny?


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    Mar 22 2013: A car backfires and you jump in panic. Did you choose to jump, or did your brain process the sound and cause your body to react?

    If we accept you chose to jump, then I guess you'd believe we have free will.

    However, if you accept that our brains reacted before our conscious mind had time to process the noise and make a decision, then you can see how in some cases free will doesn't really exist. From there we can move on to ask whether, based on our brain biology as well as all our other life experiences which are stored as memory and used to make decisions, we truly have free will or whether we mostly have the perception of free will. Perhaps in fact, decisions are made at a much deeper level than our own consciousness, and we reflect on these decisions with the conscious mind as if we chose to do A or B.

    Of course, this presupposes the mind is inextricably tied to the brain, which is a physical organ, and eschews the concept of a separate, unique, sentient soul.

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