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Do we achieve wisdom at points of life when it can be least used?

We don't select our parents so we have no control over inheriting parental wisdom. We are not born equally smart, resourceful and wise. We piece through life, experience, learn, make mistakes and gather wisdom.
We finish school education at ages when (normally) we don't fully appreciate academic learning and it's connection to wisdom. We (normally) choose life partners at ages when we are not fully aware of the values of relationship. We become parts of societies with low to non-existent societal responsibilities.
It takes couple of decades or even more for life to precipitate through our faculties. Wisdom grows but (normally) too slowly. It's not entirely mistaken to equate wisdom with age.
So, when we have it, we have made almost all significant decisions of life.
Do we achieve wisdom at points of life when it can be least used?


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    Mar 23 2013: Pabitra,


    Pretty brave statement huh. I can state that wisdom is the application of knowledge. If you can accept that then I also can prove that we gain knowledge in increments throughout life as necessary for our survival.

    As a child we learn that touching a hot surface will cause pain. That is knowledge. The application of that knowledge is to not touch ot surfaces.

    As a child we learn that when it snows and the wind blows that it is cold outside and we wear a coat / dress worm. That is knowledge. We apply it by dressing accordingly to the tempature.

    Over time we learn about relationships ... friendship ... romantic ... business ... etc.. This is knowledge. We use this information in dating, selecting a life partner, and in daily interactions.

    So at each stage of our life we add more knowledge and learn to apply that knowledge and application is wisdom.

    And so it is in the world of Bob. Of course I could be wrong .... not a first time. LOL

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Mar 23 2013: Thanks Bob. I wish life's important decisions could match in time with our learning curves. Of course there is second hand wisdom as some argue, but that wisdom is just that : second hand.
      Moreover it is problematic to admit the real wisdom in many situations. For example when a woman asks a man: do you love me, it will be disastrous to say, yes honey for now I do, but that is my idea of love not yours.
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        Mar 23 2013: If you can define love you are better than millions of philosophers from the beginning of time. The sample you gave above is closer to being in heat than in love.

        Some things are transient ... the knowledge I speak of tends to be more of a perment nature .. touching hot things ... cutlural convientions ... trying to hug a bear ... kissing a alligator ... to tell a woman you are in love with her for now ... or tell a woman that her baby is ugly are not acts of wisom they indicate a person with a death wish. Stupid is on the other end of the spectrum.

        I wish you well. Bob.
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          Mar 23 2013: I am a survivor, trust me.
          Actually I like kids and have a way with them. It's not that I don't like women but don't think romantic love is all that matters in life.
          Btw, I am not so old to forget that 'do you love me' comes most often when the heat has already dissipated.
          Pardon my weird sense of humor. Cheers!

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