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Have the American tax payer go to live fire night displays of our Air Force.

Allow the general populas to go to live fire demonstrations and see what our Air Force does to protect our troops over seas. I think they might be more understandind what happens and maybee feel more secure about theyer sons and daughters over seas fighting for freedom.


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  • Mar 25 2013: Which countries BS are U subscribing to? We know Iraq had weapons of mass destructions because we sold them to him which he used against his own people up north. Killed whole comunities of his own people. Oh thats right, he was of another tribe. Kill one kill all, it doesn't really who does the killing, dead is dead. The question is are the people in general better off (in thier opinion) when it's all over or are they worse off. And are U a man in that country or are U a woman that gets stoned because only women R whores and commit adultry. I have never seen an american on national or world TV lop anyones head off. There R always attrocities in war. War is an insane environment and crazy sh__ happens. God only knows what is really going on. I'll B the first to say I don't like ANY of the leaders of ANY nation. It's ALWAYS about gread, power, and money. It is only blamed on religeon. Thats just the tool used to work everybody up so they will support the war. Not very many people in America support the war. We do support that if it is gonna happen that our (yes our,mytroops) should have the best equipment to fight and protect and aid OUR people. If U want U can send your people out there with crap and that will make the war go faster. I don't subscribe to a one World Government but it is coming. That is what this whole thing is all about. The Muslims may be the good guys but we here in the States will never be told the truth if that is in fact the truth. Have U ever shot a gun? It's fun. Aiming at a target and seeing how good u can b! Try it some time. Even if you R a woman, grow some ba___s and tell me what country U R from and if U R male or female. I am a male. Fully awake and aware of my actions. Did U go look at Gumball Immigration or do U prefer to stay asleep?

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