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Have the American tax payer go to live fire night displays of our Air Force.

Allow the general populas to go to live fire demonstrations and see what our Air Force does to protect our troops over seas. I think they might be more understandind what happens and maybee feel more secure about theyer sons and daughters over seas fighting for freedom.


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  • Mar 25 2013: Let me guess, U R one of the 9/11 people that couldn't find a plane and your pissed! U have to B one of the millions of misslead people on the planet. If u think a little war is bad, waite till u see whats next. Do you pronounce ask ax? Where R u from. In the soon coming future u will see BILLIONS of people exterminated! Thats right exterminated. removed from the face of the earth because theyer religeon wont allow them to practice birth controll so they keep fu____g untill there isn't enough food to feed us all. U know, the latin lovers and the Africans with theyer great reproductive abilities. With great abilities comes great responsabilities. These people have screwed untill they have left no choice but to exterminate. I don't believe in war or killing. The question is, when it comes to your children dying or the other guys children dying, who's R U gonna choose. Remember, in your own words, suicide is still available. You probably think that the thinkers of the world R the evil ones that build the weapons. It's the ignorent masses that set with theyer head rolled back and theyer mouth wide open waiting for some one to throw food down it while mommy and daddy procreate yet another generation of starving young are the evil ones. Go to Youtube and look up Gumball Immigration and sample the future. It's coming. The intelligent people of the third world nations are fleeing to America for freedon when they are the cowards that should be staying and fixing the problem at home. They are the rich, the gangsters, and prostitutes. They R the ones with the abillity to leave. The deacent hard working simple people are left there to die wirth the starving dying masses. You are a cup 80% empty person or a dreamer. The time for dreaming is almost over and the time to get rid of the mindless masses who r killing us softly. With the exception of when they climax and shout out about theyer achievement. Your right, go back to sleep, it will be allright. Dreamer!
    • Mar 25 2013: What are you talking about?
      "A little war...?" The u.s. has been waging war for decades on practically everyone, destroying burgeoning democracies, raping countries of their resources, killing millions of innocent people, destroying the environment, invading Iraq has a resource war and now wanting to rape Syria for its riches.
      That's it, fall for the same 'ole story, "it's either them or me! Them or us."
      That's great. Someone has to die right? I mean we have to have some people, somewhere dying and it can't be us because the u.s. is so moral, wonderful, honest and decent? Lotsa BS there for sure. and most of those in the u.s. believe it to the tune of, "yep, let's kill other people.'
      Are you one of those who is never interested in ridding the world of the causes, the actual causes for our problems, or are you one of those who believes in the bomb as a bandage?
      It isn't over population. It is greed, crime, corruption and all they lead to and it is leaders doing the leading.
      In every country, no matter who they are.
      Not sure what you're talking about.
      I could care less for their safety. They're in a country they have no business being in, let alone the atrocities they are committing in the name of decency, honesty, honor and all the BS amerikans believe.

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