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Have the American tax payer go to live fire night displays of our Air Force.

Allow the general populas to go to live fire demonstrations and see what our Air Force does to protect our troops over seas. I think they might be more understandind what happens and maybee feel more secure about theyer sons and daughters over seas fighting for freedom.


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  • Mar 24 2013: I think untill Christ comes back, we will not see peace. We are out of harmony with God and the ocilation frequency will only get worse untill we reach an octive that causes the realignment or harmonisation with God. Then and only then will we be able to concieve peace and live under those conditions. We are incapable at this time. I would say you can blame Eve for that since she ate the apple first but the snake (evil) wispered in her ear and Adam didn't have to taste it. Maybee after several thousand years of the embodiment of disharmony we will be willing to accept that only with God as our guide (concience) will we be able to live in harmony or ALL happiness. NO negative. It is possable.

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