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Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is closing 54 schools

Barbara Byrd Bennett Chief Executive of CPS announced that 54 schools will be closed at the end of the school year because the system has a 1 billion dollar deficit in a story carried by NBC News. Ms Bennett stated " the district is 20 percent under capacity — almost 100,000 students — leaving many schools half-empty. The district will save $500 million to $800 million for each school that is closed, she has said in community forums and news interviews leading up to Thursday's announcement."

I am no math genius but if I multiply 500 Million by 54 schools I get 27 Billion and if by the high estimate of 800 Million I get 43 billion. That would suggest a over kill to me. Further I could not find a decrease in Chicago population ...

Where did these kids go to? Is closing 54 schools really the answer? What are the options?

Since this is happening in many large cities .... In order to be better informed and better prepared what would you suggest to fix the existing problems?


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    Mar 23 2013: There is something seriously wrong with the USA. News like that depresses me. Why not redesign the school systems, consolidate, cut down the frills? It's like I'll either have a feast or go fasting.
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      Mar 23 2013: History is a great teacher. For years America has been under assult of Communism / socialism. The president of the American Communists stated that he no longer had to run for president as the democratic party had embraced his platform. We have slowly envoked social programs and converted millions to generational welfare being dependent upon the government for their existance. President Carter and President Clinton made the banks provide loans to people who did not meet minimum qualifications for home ownership and never had the capability to maintain or repay the debits incured. President Carter removed education from the department of health, education, and welfare and made it a cabnet post. The decision making left the community elected oficials and became federal government decisions made by political appointees and infusions of cash were given based on pledging your alliegance to the party. Failure to do their bidding still endangers funding. Unions became the major influence in education and a political powerhouse by promising blocks of votes from a marxist organization.

      Our administration has selected the keynesian model of economics which embodies big government, deficit spending, extensive social programs, and power at the level of elete leadership positions that are exempt from all laws and bear no responsibilities for their actions.

      Yes there is something wrong with the USA. What is happening in Chicago is just a symthom of the desease that has infected us. We have reached a point where our debits have exceeded our GDP and our leadership asks for more money to maintain programs and continues to borrow from other nations as our employment drops, business go bankrupt, manufacturing goes overseas, and taxes increase. Our leadership does not see this as a problem and those who are getting a free ride support and vote for those who are destroying America.

      We are the present day Argentina of 1916 .... doomed.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
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        Mar 23 2013: I will be very keen to hear the assessment of the situation from someone younger than you. I have many friends in your country and keep getting alarming news but never imagined it this bad.
        I come from a state in India that was ruled by Leftist coalition for over 3 decades so I have first hand experience what communism can do to free enterprise and business.
        Just about a year ago students in Canada came down to streets to protest excessive hike in college fees. Why don't people protest?
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          Mar 23 2013: Why no protests. We are arriving at a point where the majority are receiving "free" stuff and the minority have little influence. With fewer tax payers and more people on the dole the ride cannot last long.

          Young people are aquiring big debits and the government is attempting to forgive all of those debits and the Fed is buying up all opf the acid debits aquired during the housing boom.

          Thanks for the reply.

          Bob .... apparently the old guy.
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          Mar 26 2013: The "excessive" hikes would STILL have left the students in Quebec paying significantly less than their counter-parts in the rest of Canada, so I have little to no sympathy for them...
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        Mar 23 2013: I had no intention of looking down upon your seniority sir, just thought younger generations might have a version. I'd implore you to have trust that something will work out.
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          Mar 23 2013: That is what we have been discussing .... things have worked out. Just not what I had wished for.

          No offense take on my age.


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