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There are no objective moral truths

When it comes to questions of morality, most people would agree that there are only subjective truths; this is because morality is viewed as intimately personal. It is difficult to conceptualize that there is one truth which is objectively moral. This brings me to ask if an objective moral truth can exist. Would an objective moral truth be one which is agreed to be moral by every single human being? This draws another question: if everyone agreed a moral truth to be true, would it be an objective moral truth?

Please add your input and opinions, I'm curious to hear your explanations and reasoning. Look forward to replying to all of you. Cheers!


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  • Mar 27 2013: If your survival threatens the whole yes you should be sacrificed, however if that was the case you must to be a super-villain taken out of the Marvel Comics, for regular people disabling is more suitable (we do that just now by putting people in jail). If the individual needs are smaller than the host, the individual has the preference, if the needs of the individual are equal or greater than the host the host has the preference; simple economics. if two individuals have conflicting needs it should be solved by a contest... in nature that means physical confrontation, in human society that means a legal fight.

    I don't think is too hard... or if you think I've being too naive, please correct me.

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