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Would you change your destiny if you could?

If you found out that you had a destiny and you knew what it was, and the same with someone else, but you also had the choise to trade it with someone else. Would you do that?


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  • Mar 23 2013: If this question is referring to a destiny of how life would play our on Earth, then that idea of a destiny is absurd, as it adheres to some sort of predestination. This would assume that we then have no free will over our actions, as destiny would always intervene to steer one onto their pre-decided path. Therefore, the process of us living would be meaningless, as we have no control over our actions, which cannot be true, as God, who created us, would not have created anything that is without meaning, as he is omnibenevolent and the Greatest Good. However, there is a destiny that all souls share, the immortal destiny, for it is destined that since God has made us, we shall eventually return to Him in what we deem "Heaven." However we may reach him is due to our actions and what we do on Earth, and whatever we do in the afterlife apart from our bodies, as the only ones who will reach Him immediately are the saints (or those on the same spiritual level; I do not just mean Christian "saints"; saints is just a word to describe the individual on that highest spiritual level of any True religion in human form). So would I want to switch places with another when we have the same destination in the end: no, because that would be inherently pointless, as we are ending up in the same place. And if I had gained access to all of this knowledge and thoroughly understand both paths, than I would already be on the level of those saints of the Highest Intellect, and I would most likely deem this conversation once again fruitless, if I was still around in my physical form, which would be highly unlikely. For some moments in my life, I may want to be an NBA star, or the President, or what not, but those are titles of the temporal earth, experiences that make my soul but will eventually be forgotten when the earth is no more. Therefore my path, if so chosen, as a common beggar can be greater than that of the President if my knowledge is greater at the time of departure.

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